Elevate your Lifestyle With Ablis

Welcome to Ablis, where every sip is a step towards your next adventure. Dive into the world of our Hemp-infused essentials, crafted to accompany you in all your pursuits. Whether it’s scaling the highest peak, conquering your busy day, or unwinding in your personal oasis, Ablis is your partner in elevating life’s moments. Explore our range of natural, craft-quality products – designed for the adventurer in you.

Products Designed to Fuel your Adventures

Complement Your Daily Routine

Explore Ablis’s Essentials, thoughtfully designed for your everyday use. From invigorating topicals to our versatile concentrates, find your perfect match for a harmonious daily routine.

Refresh, Recharge, Rejoice!

Quench your thirst for adventure with Ablis’s range of Hemp-infused beverages. Perfect for social gatherings or a solo chill, our drinks are crafted to fit seamlessly into your active, spirited lifestyle.

Our Commitment to Quality and COmpliance

At Ablis, our commitment to excellence is rooted in strict adherence to state and federal regulations for Hemp products. We uphold the highest standards in quality control, ensuring that our Hemp-infused offerings comply with THC limits mandated by law. Our rigorous testing protocol extends beyond THC compliance; we focus on overall food safety, guaranteeing that each product meets our exacting standards.

Every batch of our products undergoes comprehensive testing, conducted by accredited laboratories, to confirm purity, potency, and safety. We transparently provide Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for our customers, showcasing the detailed results of these tests. This process reflects our dedication to delivering products that not only comply with legal requirements but also exceed your expectations in quality.

Trust in Ablis means trust in a brand that values integrity, transparency, and a commitment to the wellbeing of our community. Our meticulous approach to testing and compliance is a cornerstone of our promise to you – providing safe, reliable, and high-quality Hemp experiences.

Crafting Ablis:
From Our Family to Yours

In the scenic landscape of Bend, Oregon, Ablis was born from the shared vision of father-son duo Jim and Max Bendis. Combining Jim’s expertise in craft beverages and triathlon experience with Max’s passion for mountain biking, skiing, and natural wellness, Ablis embodies the fusion of adventure and artisanal excellence.

At the core of Ablis is our commitment to quality, reflecting the family’s dedication to natural, well-crafted Hemp-infused products. Each product is a testament to our belief in the synergy of nature and craftsmanship.

Our journey extends beyond mere production; it’s about creating experiences that resonate with fellow adventurers and wellness seekers. As a family-founded and family-driven brand, Ablis is more than a name—it’s a promise of a shared adventure in every sip, encapsulating moments of joy, wellness, and the thrill of the outdoors.

Join the Ablis family and be part of a story where every bottle is an invitation to explore, unwind, and elevate your daily adventures.